Day 7 | Take Time to Rest, Recuperate, and Celebrate

“Come to me all of you who labor and heavy laden and I will give you rest…” - Matthew 11:28

Rest, which is known in Hebrew as “shabbath,” is one of the very earliest themes in the Bible. In Genesis, God himself introduced the very idea of rest and he himself did it. Rest is sacred. It is godly and biblical. In the New Testament, Jesus referred to himself as the “Lord of the Sabbath” (Mark 2:27-28). And to those who are weary and broken, Jesus promises rest to them (Matthew 11:28).

But rest isn’t just spiritual – it is also physiological. God created our physical bodies to rest and recuperate. That’s why it must not be neglected, dismissed or taken lightly. Our bodies, together with all its faculties, will work better if we take time to rest. As you invest more of yourself to accomplish more this year, I strongly urge that you incorporate a regular block of your time to unwind, recover and rejuvenate.

“Burn out” is a clear and present danger that you must be aware of. Do you feel depleted, drained and feeling seemingly always frustrated, angry and unhappy? Do you feel like you are lacking energy and stamina going through your chores? These and others are actually signs of burn out. I urge you to rest. Get some sleep. Nap, if you wish. Take deep breaths. Or, engage in some healthy recreations such as walking, reading, and bonding with friends playing your favorite game.

When God rested, He also celebrated. He looked at what He created and deemed them as “good.” Rest is also your chance to celebrate, laugh, and enjoy your accomplishments. Take a break and appreciate your achievements and all that God has enabled you to accomplish so far. Celebrate life with your family and with your closest friends. By doing so, you will feel better, more rejuvenated, more refreshed and ready again to take another step closer to your success!