Meditations for a Meaningful Christmas:
A 31 Day Devotional

Originally published as an online resource last year, the 31 Day Devotional is rich with Biblical wisdom and insights about the true gift of Christmas- none other than God giving His one and only son as the Savior for mankind. It features important events and personalities of Christmas, giving readers an in-depth view of Jesus Christ’s pre-eminence, and birth. Each day provides thought-provoking questions to help readers reflect on their personal relationship with Christ, and the joy of salvation He brought with Him to earth.

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Start Right. Stay Strong. Finish Well!

Join Bishop Jonathan on this 15-day journey to enjoy an accomplished life!

Excerpt from "Start Right. Stay Strong. Finish Well!"

Read from Day 1, "Commit to Change"

Before you dream or aspire for self-improvement, you must first of all, commit to do it. You won’t change yourself or an area in your life, unless, you make a commitment to change. To commit is to bind yourself to an obligation. So don’t just wish or dream or hope – obligate yourself to change...