Day 6 | Get Feedback & Support

“Where there is no guidance the people fall, but in abundance of counselors there is victory.” - Proverbs 11:14

Your journey to be an accomplished individual need not to be a solitary one. Whether you are seeking to be a more accomplished parent, student, employee or a church leader, you can definitely use some good company. Don’t do it alone. You need support; a network of honest peers and sincere friends that could provide friendship, partnership even, mentorship to you. You need them just as they need you. You could accomplish much being connected rather than isolated.

Just as you must engage in self-critique, you must also be open to receive external critique from mentors, leaders and your partners as well. Their feedback and objective assessments are a valuable source of insight as well as information that could help you get better. Seek them. Realize that no one, including your mighty self, has a monopoly on solutions and answers (Galatians 2:2).

The emotional and mental support that your family and friends give is equally crucial to your efforts to accomplish more. You need their warmth, care, and unconditional love. A huge paycheck or a job promotion is a great affirmation of your work, but they won’t come close to the rewarding feeling of having to celebrate them with your loved ones. When I was still a kid, my Mom loved to shower me with affirmation after completing my chores. She would always say to me, “Jonathan, you deserve a pat in the back!” Her words never fail to make me feel a million bucks. Today, she remains to be one of my greatest fans!

Similarly, you also need a pat in the back. Every one does. Words or other tangible expressions of affirmation and approval such as breaks, rest or treats to add to the enrichment, not just of oneself, but of the bond you share with your support group (Proverbs 27:17).