Day 8 | Manage Your Setbacks

“…were made strong out of their weakness…” - Hebrews 11:34

Every successful athlete or businessman knows a thing or two about setbacks and failures. No one who has reached some heights of a career or a ministerial success is a stranger to adversities. Even defeat. Whether it be a Joshua, a George Washington, a Manny Pacquaio or a Mel Gibson, every champion knows the “thrill of victory” as well as the “agony of defeat.”

But what makes champions exceptional is their resilience. They know how to weather adversities and sail through the treacherous waters of their professional careers. They know how to rebound and come back from a knockdown. And when they fall behind, they stage a comeback and they cross the finish line, arms raised up in victory!

If you are serious to accomplish your goals and dreams, you must know how to be resilient, like a champion. Do not quit because you failed the first time. Don’t surrender simply because you got bruised. If you have failed to pass that board examination, take it again. If you were turned down applying for your dream job, apply again. If you were passed over for a promotion, don’t sulk but continue getting better. If you don’t give up, you have better chances of succeeding later on.

By faith, recycle your loss into wins; your retreats into rebounds. Don’t quit. Keep soldiering on! (Galatians 6:9, 2 Corinthians 4:9) Soon, success will be in your hands!