Message Series by Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol

Watches of the Night: Vigilia Prima

In this series, Bishop Jonathan explores on the meaning and significant of the watches of the night in preparing the Church for the imminent coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. In this first installment of the series, the teacher of the Surer Word Program defines the fourth watch doctrine as a revelation of Jesus to the Apostle in the end-time, the Goodman of the House

Watches of the Night: Vigilia Secunda

This study highlights the Second Watch. known historically as the Dark Ages. The Dark Ages is characterized by a time of extreme systematic persecution under the Roman Empire. Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol examines the brave response of the early Christians as they fought against this persecution through martyrdom, apologetics, and evangelism.

Watches of the Night: Vigilia Tertia

In this installment, Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol studies Vigilia Tertia or the Third Watch. In Western history, this period is known as the Renaissance or a time of cultural rebirth witnessing breakthroughs in science, art, music and literature. This era was also deemed the "Reformation Era" a time of drastic changes in the church, seeking for it to become more scriptural and true to the gospel. This era was led by notable people such as John Wycliffe and Martin Luther.

Watches of the Night: Vigilia Quarta

With the final installment of his "Watches of the Night" series, Bishop Jonathan Ferriol takes the time to journey through our modern time through the lens of church history as he studies "Vigilia Quarta" of the Fourth Watch. The Fourth Watch is a distinct teaching of the PMCC (4th Watch) and was a revelation of our current time given to Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol. In this message, Bishop Jonathan Ferriol examines the modern church era through the lens of church history. He does this by presenting significant signs of the end-time, this includes wars, natural disasters, and many more. Tune in for this much anticipated conclusion of this captivating message series: "Watches of the Night!"