Start Right. Stay Strong. Finish Well!

Join Bishop Jonathan on this 15-day journey to enjoy an accomplished life!

Excerpt from "Start Right. Stay Strong. Finish Well!"

Read from Day 1, "Commit to Change"

Before you dream or aspire for self-improvement, you must first of all, commit to do it. You won’t change yourself or an area in your life, unless, you make a commitment to change. To commit is to bind yourself to an obligation. So don’t just wish or dream or hope – obligate yourself to change...

Meditations for a Meaningful Christmas

A meditation for every day of December, as we celebrate the Savior's birth

Excerpt from "Meditations for a Meaningful Christmas"

Read from Day 1, "Fullness of Time"

God is the creator and the controller of time. He is the one who gave us the concept of time. Prophet Daniel speaks about God "changing the times and seasons" (Daniel 2:21). Meanwhile, King David wrote in his beautiful song that "all the days ordained for me were written in your book" (Psalm 139:16)...